The aim of Turnover Audit is auditing  accuracy of turnover details provided by shops and companies, regulation of turnover related documentations, flow systems and book keeping and rent contracts based on these regulations so that the rental amount can be calculated.

Turnover Audit

As / Nexia Turkey has been providing Turnover Audit for many years with its professional staff, to the leading firms who are operating in business on turnover based rent, commission, royalty and franchising systems. 
Almost every month a new shopping mall comes into service in Turkey. In other words the traditional shopping concept has been changed. A 30-35 % increase in the number of daily visitors to shopping malls has been recorded, thus leading brands and companies are in big competition for places in malls in metropolitain cities  Because of the  developments occurred in the sector,   especially the relationship between tenants and landloards has gained a different dimension.  First of all, the old type of rental contracts began to leave its place to  turnover based rental concept.  
The competive characteristic of the sector has made it compulsory for shopping mall administrations and lessees to create a transparent,reliable and objective  environment.